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Live Broadcast – Hyperconvergence Cup Hewlett Packard

Melissa was the star host of a live broadcast show for one of the largest IT organisations based in Berkshire. Melissa brought entertainment and personality throughout, with passion for the subject matter and truly engaged our viewers and guests on the show. Her charming ability to control a live show was executed with professionalism and charisma. The project was a fantastic success with Melissa’s live presence.

Daniel Tremayne-Pitter
Innovation & Creative Director
Outbound Marketing Services LTD

Speaker: Chronos Wealth Management event

I was delighted recently that Melissa agreed to be the guest speaker at my Women in Business event. ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’
Melissa delivered a speech that was immensely thought provoking due to her capacity to speak openly and honestly from the heart. Her ability to inspire others through her positive thinking and skills as a life coach allowed my guests to open up and spend some time considering their personal plans for future success.
Elizabeth Bird, Managing Partner, Chronos Wealth Management LLP

RICS regional awards

Melissa hosted this annual awards ceremony in the following regions: South West, East and the North of England

British Thyroid Foundation

The British Thyroid Foundation for whom I am a patron. I have hypothyroidism which is essentially an under active thyroid gland. My symptoms include tiredness, memory loss and weight gain and I take 125mg of thyroxine per day for life. People write to me with similar conditions and ask me for any tips I may share on how I live with it. Here you go: As much as possible, I eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet and it helps to stabilise my weight (although my sugar intake has increased, I'm a sweet fiend). I choose to monitor my weight but am lucky that as quickly as it can go on, it drops off fast too. I eat Soya and rye based products and my main carbohydrates come from vegetables. I avoid noodles, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread made from wheat. Makes me feel better.

Exercise is a wonderful tonic for me although I'm not a huge fan of the gym. It invigorates me and gets my blood pumping and if I've been feeling sluggish, is an instant fix. Three times a week I do 20 mins on a jogging machine and then chatting and weights and a little more wasting time! I saw a personal trainer who made a huge difference to the way I felt, expensive but worth it. I preferred to train with him three times a week vs. my couple of nights out a week. Similar costs.

I'm a huge fan of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hold the belief that I'm extremely lucky. Compared to others my illness is small fry and my positive attitude helps me.

My memory loss sometimes bugs me but those nearest and dearest to me understand and when it gets people cross, I laugh and I love to laugh at them!

Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS)

In February 2006 I worked for a month in an orphanage in Ayacucho, Peru. It was a life changing experience for me. The children were beautiful and taught me so much and in turn I was able to give my time and love to them. CCS is an international volunteer program that involves working side by side with local people and sharing in the goals of the community.