I'm a people junkie, addicted to love, life and laughter and bubbling with excitement about the opportunities placed along my windy yellow brick road.

For a quarter of my life I've been moonlighting as a TV presenter, hosting shows about people's lives, their homes and dreams. I am completely obsessed with everything to do with men, women and children and have an intrinsic love of you all! A modern day nosy and rather irreverant Mary Poppins!

I started off my TV career on a BBC prime time show helping families relocate their life's all around the world; Get a New Life. Not bad for a first gig as a little known Northern girl hey! For two years I worked with all types of wonderfully interesting people, managed to accumulate a couple of passports and several thousand air miles as part of the deal. I still can't believe my luck and every day thank my lucky stars, long may it continue please.

All my TV work is based on solid business foundations as post my Uni. stint and throughout my TV career I worked as a marketer/entrepreneur and property developer.

I thrive on variety, it spices up my life and a colourful work path has seen me successfully branching out into journalism, modelling, voice over work, corporate jobs and another big love of mine is to host live events and award ceremonies.

I love to work, but am lucky to have a healthy work life balance so I like to travel, an awful lot! Sailing, tennis, skiing and eating are also way up there on my fun scale!

My name's Melissa Jayne Porter, it means honey bee in Russian, which is funny as runny honey is one of my most favourite things. I was born in a town called Wythenshaw in the UK, which is a suburb of Manchester and popped out to the world in the morning of the 18th. I'm a December baby, which figures, as Winter is my favourite season with all the twinkly lights and bundles of snow. The one downside of being born at this time of the year is receiving joint Christmas and birthday presents, although I adore surprises, this doesn't cut it for me! My star sign is Sagittarius, which means that I love to travel and am free-spirited, that pretty much sums me up. Please don't try to clip my wings as travelling is a big part of who I am and this year I'll spend several weeks on aeroplanes. I know that I'm a very lucky lady and am grateful every day for my life.

One of my guilty pleasures is to do laundry. I've been known to whip a pair of pants right off a body just so I can get them freshly laundered. Oohh..the smell of washing makes me tingle and I know I'm a little strange. So, what makes me go weak at the knees? My beautiful baby boy Pierce, the unequivocal love of my life. Being in love would have to be at the top of my list as I'm a huge romantic and love sharing my blessed life with my partner. Travelling to new countries, tasting their cuisine and experiencing new cultures satisfies my wanderlust approach to life. Also meeting people that can teach me new stuff is very important as I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I adore chocolate, give me Charbonnel et Walker any day of the week, yes please!

Growing up I always wanted to be an airhostess and was offered a long haul gig with Virgin Atlantic when I graduated, fortunately Granada Men and Motors also offered me a job and the rest is history! TV turned out to be my destiny. Although I always fancied the idea of sashaying around the first class cabin wearing a pencil skirt, bright red lipstick and chatting up business men! I'm still undecided as to what I want to be when I finally grow up!

Behind closed doors my guilty pleasure would have to be eating dark chocolate peanut butter Reis's pieces while watching back to back House Wives of Beverly Hills. I adore the gloss and fluffiness of these shows - it's hilarious to watch people who are so blindly self-indulgent.